Skin, on top/hide, screen position

Jul 25, 2013 at 2:18 PM
My desktop wallpaper is a dark image, making Mouseextender almost impossible to see. It would make a huge difference if there were a black-on-white option as well as the existing grey-on-grey.

The only way to fix the position of MouseExtender on the desktop is to tick 'Don't hide panel'. However, this also forces 'Always on top' which gets in the way of running apps. Switching this off causes MouseExtender to hide under the system tray; this means you are forever grabbing it then moving it onto the desktop to access an app, then it disappears back to under the system tray. It is now easier just to use shortcuts on the desktop. Much more convenient would be a way to fix the position permanently on the desktop, but allow other apps windows to be on top.

I have set my MouseExtender to be 8 icons wide. If I use the shortcut key to show/hide the MouseExtender window, it appears on the RHS of the screen showing only 5 of the 8 icons.

Other than the above, MouseExtender is a really useful app to keep all one's shortcuts in a single place.