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Titles for icons, better tabs & Multiples


Hey awesome program, I am using for shortcuts to many folders when working on different projects.
I agree with dannypo on titles, except to save space be nice to have the title go over the Folder icon (when its just a standard Folder icon).

Does not have to be full title, but be at least a snippet of the first 5 to six letters of the folder name etc.. be so much help!

Tabs slow me down. Since i am consistently changing my shortcuts on new projects I tend to have to hover over and remind myself which ones what. So be nice to have a more normal tabs system with name always showing with more of a button style.

And finally my mouse has many macro keys i never use. Googling a decent reason on what to use them for is how i found your software. Now I found a decent reason for one of them but have many more unused. be nice to have different menus signed to different buttons. Which I did by sneakily installing your software many times so i could have multiples XD.

Oh and i keep accidentally X'ing off the program and keep having to restarting it, annoying and my fault i know but i cannot seem stop myself its instinct, wish that close button was not there >_<

Great program,! Looking forward to new release. :D


scifenefics wrote Dec 14, 2012 at 11:39 AM

Sorry realized Hide close button was there.. silly me. in defense I been using it only for few days. Hide me I am an annoying >_< ...

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